You Should Be Able To Find A Job In Thailand As A Hotel Worker

Thailand is one of the countries known for its natural beauty such as its lush, green forests, pristine clear beaches, yummy street food and friendly people. These are all the attributes that make it one of the most flocked tourist destinations all over the world.

It is not a surprise to note that one of the thriving industries in Thailand is its tourism industry. Be it in the food sector, hotel and restaurant sector or health tourism sector, having a city teeming with tourists means good business for everyone.

For those who are seeking employment in Thailand, one of the easiest ways is through the hotel industry. Since the country is teeming with hotels and resorts for sure they are in constant need of hotel workers to attend to their guests.

If you are interested to become a hotel worker in Thailand, there are lots of opportunities for you in here.

General manager.
Otherwise known as hotel manager, this position is considered to be one of the most lucrative jobs in Thai hotel industry. Some of the people hired for this position even come from overseas.

If you are interested in this kind of career, these are some of their responsibilities:

  • Oversee the entire operation of the hotel, lodging house or inn that he or she is managing
  • May interact with guests and the staff
  • Carefully handles finances of the business
  • Chef

For people who are looking forward to building their culinary career, this is a good place for you to start. With a steady stream of tourists, for sure there is always a constant demand for tasty and unique dishes.

Some of the positions that one can apply for here in Thailand include:

  • Executive chef
  • Cook
  • Sous chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Kitchen manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Housekeeping staff

Naturally, there must be certain personnel assigned to keep things in the hotel as tidy as possible. Housekeeping staff are made for this kind of job.

If you are aspiring to become a hotel worker in the housekeeping industry, you can try out some of these positions:

  • Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping aid
  • Maid
  • Maintenance staff
  • Guest relations staff

Otherwise known as concierge, these people are responsible for entertaining the guests. They keep them happy by providing the services offered by the hotel they are employed in.

Some of the positions you can apply for include:

  • Front desk associate
  • Guest relations associate
  • Casino host
  • Hotel clerk
  • Hotel receptionist

There are still a lot that are not mentioned here. However, one can easily find vacancies through the internet. What are you waiting for? Start your hotel industry career now!